Capped Price with No Fees!

Never Pay More Than $1.99 on Heating Oil this Winter when you join Easy Pay.

Monthly Payments

Pay for your heating oil throughout the heating season over 11 monthly payments. Your payments will start in July or August. 

No Fees!

Unlike other protection programs that charge enrollment fees, there are no fees to join Easy Pay.

Automatic Delivery

By joining Easy Pay your account will be set up in our automatic delivery program. We will monitor your usage and make deliveries throughout the heating season.

Get Your Monthly Payment & Join Now
Online sign-ups subject to account review and may be denied based off prior payment history or outstanding balances due on account(s).


Q: What do you mean by Price Protection?

A: Price Protection is our heating oil capped price program. The cap price is the price that you are guaranteed not to pay more than throughout the entire winter.  However, if the price per gallon is below the cap price when the oil is delivered, you pay the lower of the two prices.

Q: When do my monthly payments start?

A: Your first monthly payment will be due in July if you enroll by July 1st, or August if you enroll by August 1st. You will be billed an even monthly payment over the next 11 months. Month 12 is used if you have any balance remaining on your account after your 11 monthly payments.

Q: What does it cost to join the program?

A: Outside of the oil you use there are no additional fees to join Easy Pay! You just need to enroll in the program by the deadline and make two payments to be eligible for your first delivery.

Q: What happens if I use more than my budgeted gallons?

A: We don't charge extra for gallons used over the budgeted amount, so you will still get those gallons at the daily price or capped price.

Q: What are the minimum requirements to join?

A: You must be using heating oil as your primary heating source. You must use more than 500 gallons annually. Your account with JJ Powell must be in good standing.

Q: When will I receive my first delivery?

A: Your first delivery will be made once we receive your first two monthly payments. Contact us at 1-800-432-0866 for any questions.