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Easy Pay Plan


Plan Highlights:

  • You make monthly installments of a pre-arranged amount so you know what your monthly fuel obligation will be.
  • You are not required to pay an entire invoice in full on a regular monthly billing notice. You simply have to submit the agreed upon monthly payment.
  • There is a price cap for EasyPay customers who are on automatic delivery. This means that no matter what the posted price may be, you will not pay more than the pre-set price limit. You may pay a lower price per gallon, but not more.
  • You can keep your home heated at a steady, comfortable temperature because you know your monthly obligation will be a small installment payment.
  • You can choose the AutoPay option so you can have your payment automatically drafted each month. No more check writing.


How it Works:


Your annual usage is reviewed from past delivery history and a dollar value estimate is made by multiplying your usage by the current price cap. That amount is divided by 11 months to arrive at your monthly payment. The 12th month is used for your final payment in case you end the plan with a balance due. If you end the plan year with a credit balance, that amount will automatically be rolled over to the following year's plan unless you request the credit to be refunded.


If you would like to enroll in the EasyPay Plan, you can contact us several ways. All of our contact information is available on our contact page. Or, you can complete our request info form if you would like to have more information mailed out to you.  


You can always call any of our business offices and a customer service representative will process your information.



Frequently Asked Questions:

EasyPay Customers


When I have service work done, how does it affect my plan payment?

Service work and items purchased over our counter are separate from your plan payment and should be paid in full within 30 days. When we calculate your payment we only estimate fuel purchases. We do not estimate other purchases in the EasyPay amount.


Can I pay ahead on the EasyPay plan?

Yes, you can pay ahead on this plan. The EasyPay program requires your plan payment to be kept current and any other items to be paid for within 30 days.


What happens at the end of the plan year if I have credit built up? What happens if I owe?

If at the end of the plan year you have credit left, we will automatically roll your credit into next year’s program - lowering your payment.

If you owe money at the end of the program, you will need to pay the balance off before starting the next year’s plan.


How long does the price cap last?

The price cap that you receive on your fuel purchases runs the same as your plan year. If your plan year starts in August, your price cap will exist until July 31st. The same 12 month scenario if your plan starts any other month.


How do I renew my EasyPay plan?

Once you are on the EasyPay Plan you will remain on until you request to be taken off of the plan. Each year you will be automatically rolled over to the next year’s plan.


I am new to the plan. Is there anything I need to do?

If you are new to the plan and have never been on automatic delivery before, you should monitor your fuel gauge. Our goal is to deliver when you have approximately ¼ tank remaining. This is normally based on past usage, but since you are new to automatic delivery we probably haven’t had a chance to review your history. If your fuel level drops below ¼ tank please contact us as soon as possible.


What do I have to do to be on automatic delivery?

We need access to the fill pipe. Most fill pipes are located outside so this normally isn't a problem. If your fill and vent pipes aren’t accessible it usually isn’t very difficult to make them accessible. We can have a service technician come out and provide a free estimate.

Secondly, you must use oil exclusively. If you use another source of heat (other than a heat pump) we recommend our Prebuy program


What if I use another source of fuel (heat pump) sometimes?

If you use a heat pump to supplement your heat in the spring and fall you are eligible for automatic delivery.  We are able to calculate your usage accurately when a heat pump is in use.